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Grimm the Reaper "A Violet Death" Tiny Terror

Grimm the Reaper "A Violet Death" Tiny Terror

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YOU don’t need to fear THIS Reaper! Grimm is the newest (and at the same time- oldest!) of all the Ghoulsville Ghoul Gang. He’s been around since time began and eventually gets around to visiting everyone. Grimm has stories that will curl your toes and make your hair stand on end!

Interesting things that you may not know about Grimm: He doesn’t let work get in the way of his “me” time. He likes long walks on the beach, skydiving and perfecting his taco recipe. He prefers wearing a comfy bathrobe as opposed to pajamas, as he finds them too restricting. He prefers to do his work as casually as possible. Never ask him to play Golf. He hates it. He’s on numerous dating sites, but he’s never found the “one” that checks all the boxes.

A muted, full color palette, with blood red eyes and a deep purple robe. Simple, sophisticated, and ready to visit any formal or business function. Makes a great gift for any executive that loves laying people off and sending them into a fate of doom.

4.5" of Detailed Ghoulish Gore
Comes with removable hourglass accessory & scythe
3 Color Ways
Removable Base
0 Points of Articulation
Full Color Retro Display Box
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